Team Canada SMR – The Collective Voice of Canada’s Nuclear Energy Future – Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

The Team Canada SMR Podcast series promotes the Canadian Nuclear industry to the global marketplace and speaks to the world about the benefits of Canadian SMR Initiatives and will offer you the opportunity to showcase the knowledge, expertise and experience your company brings to a project. The podcast series will empower your organization and help you in meeting your commitments to the SMR Action Plan, while raising awareness and attracting revenue-generating opportunities for you in the short and long-term.

Suggested Topics

  • Small Modular Reactors 101
  • Nuclear Energy in Canada
  • Nuclear Safety and Security, Managing Radioactive Waste
  • SMR Designs and Opportunities in Canada
  • Indigenous Engagement and Partnerships in Nuclear
  • The Nuclear Industry in Canada: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Value Chain
  • SMRs for Canada’s Urban, Rural, and Remote Populations
  • Nuclear Energy’s Role in Hybrid Clean Energy Systems
  • The Next Generation of Nuclear

What SMR Topics Interest You?

Today, more people than ever are becoming interested and educated on the future of nuclear energy in Canada and around the world as it relates to a 2050 Net Zero Future.  Nuclear is an essential tool for tackling climate change and it’s starting to become more versatile.  SMRs are being considered for a variety of applications beyond providing electricity.  SMRs can be used to power desalination plants, provide heat for metal refining, and even generate hydrogen as a clean burning alternative fuel for vehicles.  We want to know what subjects relating to SMRs are of interest to our listening public.  Let us know your interests. We will try to cover your suggested topics in the Team Canada SMR Podcast in the near future.

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Who We Are

The Team Canada SMR Podcast is hosted by Peter Henderson, co-hosted by Peter Vamos and produced by Henderson Robb Marketing, Reactor Art & Design and podcaster, journalist Peter Vamos of Shifter Media.

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Each Team Canada SMR organization will be offered an opportunity to participate as interviewees with individual sponsorship opportunities within the podcast segment they choose to participate in.

Our podcast will initially contain 10 episodes with three stories per episode, including a host, co-host, and 1 interviewee per story. These stories will enable the Participating Organizations with a dynamic means to demonstrate the breadth of their individual engagement on SMRs across the country and outline the depth of their progress and ongoing efforts to share the SMR Action Plan Vision.

Once a minimum of 9 members sign-on we will announce the podcast as an event, a national podcast discussion about Canada’s SMR Strategy. We will promote with a website, an email campaign, and a PR social media strategy aimed at getting wide coverage and support for the Team Canada SMR Podcast.

The Team Canada SMR Podcast website, with an embedded media player, will act as the portal to the Team Canada SMR podcast platforms, and display partner logos, information and profiles. The podcast will be posted on multiple platforms (Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube).

Sponsor’s fee includes the recording of a sponsor approved interview transcript, subsequent final editing and the broadcast of the approved interview online in a 10 minute segment in a designated Team Canada SMR Podcast episode.

Sponsors will have the right to repurpose their interview segment for advertising and promotion of their organization without limit for trade shows, rebroadcasts, web postings and corporate communications.

The copyright to the podcast and all other rights not granted will remain the property of Henderson Robb Marketing as well as control over the podcast feed, the IP, all development materials including transcripts and raw recordings, licensing and derivative rights and any and all decisions about follow-up seasons.

  • All ads are “baked in,” meaning they are edited into the episode and will be a part of the episode forever.
  • Ads are read by host Peter Henderson, and whenever possible, customized to make them more personal.
  • Team Canada SMR only accepts sponsor ads for products and services that are in alignment with the Team Canada SMR theme content • There is a maximum of 3 total sponsors per episode.
  • All ad rates are based on the podcast industry standards.
  • The payment terms are 50% upon signing, and the remaining 50% upon submission of finished interview prior to air date.


Gold Sponsor With Pre-Roll

  • 45-second Pre-roll ad (before first interview)
  • 15-second Mid-roll ad (before second interview)
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Individual Spots*

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* Maximum of 3 total sponsors per episode. Non-sponsors choosing Individual Spot options will be notified when their ad will run.



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Thank you for your interest in our Team Canada SMR Podcast.  Our podcast is your opportunity to discuss the ideas, the opportunities, and the strategies that Canada is taking to ensure that Canada can lead amid the global energy transition. The Team Canada SMR Podcast accepts sponsored interviews and podcast theme relevant ads.  Please click on the Book a Meeting button below to inquire about sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

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